Conduct post-mortem on unexplained deaths


IT is sad to see innocent people slain over sorcery accusations.
It is becoming a norm that when someone dies from a illness after failing to get proper medical assistance, the death is quickly believed to be caused by sanguma, which then lead to at least two to four people getting killed.
Awareness and warnings have been issued from towns, cities and even rural areas of the country but it fell onto deaf ears and the information cannot be analysed properly.
The Government has tried its best to address this issue for decades and still cannot do so.
I believe a good way to address this is to conduct post-mortem for unexplained deaths.
All deaths should be explained so that people do not go on killing each other unnecessarily.
The killing of innocent mothers, sisters, uncles and aunties should stop.
I have had enough of seeing innocent kids suffer from trauma and shame when their relatives are killed or accused.
Let us work together to stop sorcery accusation related killing in our society.

Stone Phase (Rombira Heva),

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