Conference helps to boost pastors’ confidence


Debeini Living Waters (DLW) Ministries PNG has ended its four-day international pastors and leaders conference in Port Moresby.
The Aug 2-6 conference saw pastors and leaders from DLW churches throughout Papua New Guinea congregate with senior pastor and founding president of DLW Peter Solomon and guest speaker Rev Joseph Walters.
The conference theme was Building the Spirit Man and the main focus of the conference was to have the facilitators bless and preach to those who are at the forefront of the ministry to challenge, empower and encourage them and help strengthen their spirit in connecting with God so that they will be able to do more of God’s work.
Solomon has been a pastor for almost 40 years and says that pastors did struggle secretly sometime, thus the conference was an avenue to boost their confidence and equip them with the right tools for ministry.
“Most times churches focus on going out and doing the work of the ministry.
And people involved in the ministry such as the pastors and leaders are not properly equipped spiritually,” Solomon said.
“We want to take our pastors to the next level and the only way to do that is when you understand who you really are.
“When they preach we want their words to bless those who are listening so that they can go back with something.”
Debeini Living Waters has churches in eight provinces in Papua New Guinea and holds a conference for its pastors and leaders throughout the country annually.
It also runs a Bible College with pastors graduating after completing three years of theological studies to serve the church in Papua New Guinea.