Confiscated marijuana, sex accessories destroyed

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ABOUT 40kg of marijuana confiscated by the National Drugs Vice Squad and Boroko District Court and sex accessories in the hands of the Censorship Board were destroyed in Port Moresby yesterday.
The burning of marijuana and sex products took place at Laloki, outside Port Moresby.
National Drugs Vice Squad Sergeant Thomas Moiyang told The National that 5kg of marijuana from Morata and 5-Mile settlement were destroyed
“A massive 17.3kg of marijuana were also confiscated at the ATS roundabout during a roadblock,” Moiyang said.
“The rest of the confiscated marijuana burnt were brought from the Boroko District Court.”
Moiyang said in June last year the drug haul by police was much bigger. He said some of the drugs brought into the city came from outside the province. Exhibits collected by the Censorship Board passed through Customs.
The Censorship Board had 279 exhibits destroyed.
Board senior officer Gerea Kapa said the exhibits were tracked in Post Offices where agents worked.
“We issue detention notice for 30 days prior for owners to come forward with medical certificate,” Kapa said.
“If it’s concerning their health, we check and make sure it’s correct and allow only one item for use, if not we destroy.”
The Office of Censorship Board is also pushing for a proper approval to block and filter unwanted sites on the internet because the number of people accessing those sites were “very high” in the country.