Conflict forces people to flee home


I BELIEVE if the world unites effectively in tackling matters that cause people to flee their home countries and engage in an unspeakable lethal journey, then the recurring incidents of migrants sinking in the Mediterranean Sea will eventually come to an end.
Conflicts and persecutions force thousands of humans to cross the Mediterranean in ramshackle vessels.
Many drowned. The visual images are striking some heart breaking and others frightening.
The elements of human rights abuses and other persecutory elements which include deep discrimination based on ethnicities, homophobic attacks, domestic violence and persecution based on choice of religion, political affiliations and criticism of governments contribute to wave of movement of people from their countries to host countries in search of sanctuaries.
Factors that triggers these continuous displacements of people from their home countries should be widely exposed, challenged and eradicate once and for all.

Handsen Chikowore,
United Kingdom

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