Conflict management training for landowners


LANDOWNERS from the Wafi-Golpu exploration area in Morobe have undertaken two days of negotiation and conflict management training.
The training, themed Interest base negotiation and conflict management training, was funded by the Wafi-Golpu Joint Venture (WGJV), developer of the Wafi-Golpu mine, located 65km southwest of Lae.
More than 20 members of the three major landowner tribes –Hengambu, Yanta, and Babuaf – attended the training from April 4-5.
Paul Yanam, president of the Hengambu Landowners Association, said: “We were taught about how to manage businesses, how to go into proper negotiations and how to manage conflict.”
Yanam said the training taught them to start and manage their own businesses and solve problems effectively.
“We request more of such workshops to educate and prepare us to go into the negotiation process of the mine development forum,” he said.
“We will be able to identify good and bad things in the decision-making process, while signing the memorandum-of-agreement with the developer.”
Yanam added that Mining Minister Johnson Tuke’s visit during the training was a pleasant surprise.
He assured the minister that they would work closely with the Government and developer.

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