Conflict of interest in fight over PMC

Letters, Normal

AMONG the fierce critics of the proposed Pacific Medical Centre is Dr Glen Mola.
Mola has done a lot for more than two decades.
This is commendable.
During this period, he has seen our health system broke down.
But the strange thing about this is his “silence” over our broken health system.
He turned a blind eye on those issues.
But with the emergence of PMC, he is fighting with everything he has got.
One wonders why now?
Has he suddenly seen and learned about our broken health system in the last two months?
I, for one, do not think so.
For the last 20 years, he saw our broken system as an opportunity for gain.
He saw a “medical mine”, took advantage and profited from it.
Now that a team of “outsiders” are willing to give something that will save life, he is all hot and bothered.
I wonder whose interest he is serving.


Mt Hagen