Confront MP’s over performance


This is for all citizens who are constantly being deprived of goods and services by non-performing MPs.
We all need to understand that our Government, on a yearly basis, allocates K10-K15 million to Open and regional MPs to rollout goods and services.
But we have experienced year after year that this money that is meant for us, is not being put towards changing our livelihoods, our communities and our constituencies.
This is a sad scenario as many who are anticipating to see good things from our elected leaders are either dying or have aged while waiting.
My fellow country men and women, if you haven’t received a single service within a five-year parliamentary term, then you have every right to confront your MP.
Because your rights to access goods and services has been deprived by a self-centered and dishonest leader.

Stonim Giaman Lida
Rights Deprived

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