Congrats, Nalu, for winning DWU award

Letters, Normal

The National, Thursday, May 5, 2011

I WOULD like to congratulate Malum Nalu for being awarded the Divine Word University and Unesco communication and de­ve­lopment award.
Nalu is one of the rare breed of journalists in PNG and deserves to win the award.
Digital media evolves conti­nuously in a big way, especially in PNG media, and Nalu has been at the forefront of that digital media revolution here.
However, the challenge in PNG media still lies with respective media houses, PNG Media Council and individual journalists to rise up to the challenges by bringing in-depth, informative and accurate news to the masses.
Sadly, too many of our journalists today have become lazy and wait to be spoon fed with press releases.
I am often left amazed when journalists call and ask for press releases after failing to turn up for scheduled press conferen­ces with the lame excuse “we do not have enough reporters or cameramen”.
In many instances, the news stories are not well researched and investigated or are not written in a critical or analytical manner.
Sadly, many of our reporters today also cannot write without fear or favour and in a responsible way because they have compromised this grand profession by getting into the pockets of politicians and businessmen.
Journalists from the old school are among some of the best ever produced (some are still working in the newsrooms today) and we need to produce a lot more of them now for the best interest of our people and for the future of our country.
If PNG journalists cannot be inspired by the speech given by Australia’s Channel Nine political editor, Laurie Oakes, during his induction into the Hall of Fame, then they should find another job.   


Colin Taimbari
DWU journalism award winner 2002