Congratulations Busu Secondary


CONGRATULATIONS to the principal, board, parents and students of Busu Secondary School in Morobe for achieving exceptional results in this year’s grade 10 and 12 examinations
The school has been a benchmark for Morobe over the years and continues to excel despite the many challenges such as Coronavirus pandemic.
Being the biggest province with many secondary schools, it will be fitting if there were more Morobe schools achieving the same feat.
The onus is now on the other schools, especially the ones within Lae, to pull their socks up – if only they can eradicate constant school and student fights and closely monitor teachers’ performances.
I am a parent with two kids attending Bumayong Secondary School and I have been angered by constant disturbances of classes due to student fights.
The board and management have been very ineffective in managing this.
This has directly resulted in the school and students’ poor grading – in grade 10 and 12.
With the 2021 school year gone now, what assurance can the school management give the parents that next year will be an improved year?

Robin Siwick,
Frustrated Parent