Congratulations Essacu on appointment


CONGRATULATE Dr Francis Essacu on his appointment as acting pro-vice-chancellor planning and development at PNG University of Natural Resources and Environment as per The National, Sept 1 (page 4).
Essacu is a true patriot with vast experiences and is committed to serve the country nobly without favour or complacency.
He is a straight-shooter who fights for what is right and ensure justice prevails.
With his little frame he has a big heart that fights for truth and leaves no stones unturned.
His appointment is applauded with a thousand claps.
It is timely and is a step in preparation for what is to come in the future.

Timothy Wom
Matheson Library


  • Dr. Essacu congratulations, your simple people of North and South Wosera clap in unison, its a noble appointment. Please uphold the integrity of the office now in your care.
    Its long coming nevertheless, sounds distant and distinctive to the Wosera men’s ears where he trades education for his garden.
    The Wosera men is the last to taste salt, where migration under the Wosera revolution ended with WW2, where land is acquired by conquest grinds to a halt, our own son leads the way.
    Thank you Francis Baindu Essacu,

  • Congratulations Dr.Essacu. Well deserved. Your down to earth personality to us as your student while at Unitech is still up there. Wish you all the bests in your new role.

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