Congratulations Post PNG


CONGRATULATIONS to Post PNG for announcing and handing in K500, 000 in dividends to Kumul Consolidated Holdings.
It’s a good result in financial terms and I commend the board and management for such an achievement.
However, a sad situation had occurred to the 50,000-plus rural islands of Samarai-Murua in Milne Bay over the last five years.
We were, and continue to be, denied postal services with the abrupt closure of Bwagaoia Post Office at the district headquarters on Misima Island some years ago.
We have government institutions, church organisations, private businesses, community organisations and individuals from the islands in the Louisiade Archipelago, Yeleyamba, Murua and Bwanabwana LLG areas.
They need this vital service, and yet, are being denied access by Post PNG, which  has yet to reopen services since its abrupt closure in 2013.
Current box holders are traveling all the way by sea and air to the provincial capital, Alotau, just to check, collect and post mails.
Some box holders and potential customers are using friends and relatives who travel to Port Moresby, as their postal mail carriers.
This is pathetic, too costly, grossly inconvenient, and unfair for all.
How unreasonable would it be for Post PNG, to focus on profits and forget providing equitable postal service to the rural population, where it is needed most?
Rural people too are taxpayers, and deserve equitable access to postal services, where it is most needed.
Post PNG must therefore ensure it delivers that service to all districts.

Reuben G Elijah        
Misima Island
Milne Bay

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