Congregation builds pastor’s house


MEMBERS of Gambagogl congregation of Ega Lutheran Circuit outside Kundiawa town, Chimbu, opened a new pastor’s house last weekend.
Project chairman Peter Danga said the completion of the three-bedroom house was a testament to the commitment of the congregation who had raised funds since May last year.
Danga said the aim was to provide a house for their local pastor near the church in order for him to better perform his duties and responsibilities.
He said the Coronavirus pandemic had delayed the project by three months.
Danga thanked the congregation who worked under the theme ‘giving abundantly to God’.
He said the project received no government or district support and was a project of the community.
The opening was witnessed by sister congregations from the Ega circuit including Kagai, Kundiawa town and Town Public Servants.
Newly elected Simbu district president Baundo Kaugla officiated at the opening and called on Christians to give to God abundantly in return for the blessings he provided every day.
“Every Christians should increase their giving back to God everyday so you will receive blessings in your families and church,” he said.
Meanwhile, Ega Lutheran Circuit president Degemba Siune praised the efforts of Gambagogl congregation as setting an example for other Christians to follow and not to expect free handouts.