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A SECONDARY school in Jiwaka expects parents to sign consent forms today to allow their children to attend classes.
Waghi Valley Secondary School principal Betty Wena said the school had used about K30,000 of its Tuition Fee Free funds to have in place measures to prevent Covid-19.
The school has 3,000 reusable masks to issue (two each) to its 800-plus students, teachers and staff.
Wena said: “We have installed tanks, ordered masks, purchased hand sanitisers for staff and students, two 600-litre tanks will be placed in front of the school gate for day students and teachers living out of the campus to wash their hands with soap before entering the school gate.
“Two classrooms will have a 44-gallon drum makeshift tanks to be used and refilled everyday by appointed students since we do not have constant water supply into the school.
“Currently, we have three 9,000-litre tanks that are used by the mess for cooking and for staff and students as drinking water.
“Two more are being installed as we speak.
“Hand sanitisers made from household bleach will also be available to each class for students and teachers as they go in for each period. It will also be in each teacher’s office and in the staffroom.
“We have also asked students to come with parents so they can fill out the consent form to allow their children to take up class.”
Wena thanked the school staff and volunteers and the business community who helped with the awareness covering the western parts of Jiwaka.

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  • As I read the article above, the precautionary measures necessary for the COVID-19 are already in place like hand sanitizers and face masks. But I belief the only problem will be encountered is the Social Distancing. It will not be effective as every schools in the country finds it difficult to cope up and put in practice. Basically Its relay on each individual students.

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