Consider challenges teachers face to serve


TEACHERS’ welfare needs greater attention from the relevant authorities and stakeholders.
Teachers are the only group of public servants who work overtime without being paid.
But their welfare doesn’t reflect their work.
We accept our postings and appointment with the heart to serve but the authorities don’t consider our health, especially when we need to be close to hospitals.
When teachers are put off pay, it takes a long time to be reinstated.
Entitlements such as leave fares, other allowances and appraisals are denied many times.
The sacrifices that teachers make in order that someone’s child get an education is unmeasurable.
We’re willing to serve in areas where there are no roads, no bridges, and no proper transportation.
We serve in very challenging geographic locations.
The late Edwin Bafe, a teacher, singer and songwriter spelt it out in one of his hits titled Tisa Boi.
It’s about time, State agencies and other stakeholders work together and address issues that are affecting teachers nationwide.
Our country has a lot of challenges.
Least developed districts, local level governments and wards in the country have mounted a lot of challenges on the teachers.
We just lost one of our female teacher who was pregnant and travelled two days to the nearby PMV stop to catch a PMV to seek medical assistance.
Sadly, she died on the way.
This is an example of the things we go through.
There are other untold stories out there.
On behalf of other teachers in the country, I appeal to the authorities to consider our challenges.
Do away with nepotism and the whom-you-know mentality.
Let’s all join hands together, share our laughter, cries and happiness for a common goal.

Damien Dimir,
Concerned Teacher