Consider different groups of teachers


WE have different groups of teachers in primary schools, who have met the different requirements set by the Education Department to enter teachers’ colleges.
There are teachers with Grade 10 certificates who acquired certificate in primary teaching and others with diplomas at different times.
Given the different periods and different requirements during these times, school inspectors need to familiarise themselves with the different times and the requirements.
It is not fair when inspectors set one requirement for all teachers.
For instance; it is wrong when you demand teachers to present Grade 12 certificates as some of them don’t have it.
Do not expect everybody to have the same qualifications as many teachers have different qualifications for different times under different requirements.
During my term as the assistant minister for education, I realised that the fallout rate for teachers per year continued to increase while the number of teacher graduates joining the teaching field every year was insufficient.
So we have to be careful when enforcing inspection rules.
If you fail to take precautions with the grouping I have discussed above, things might not work out well for you.
As a former longest-serving secondary school principal, I heard a lot of stories from my teachers from Nawaeb primary schools and I believe such challenges exist in other districts in Morobe and the rest of Papua New Guinea.
Please go by the rules that govern these various groups of teachers you have right now in all schools in the primary division and apply the inspection accordingly.

Gisuwat Siniwin,