Consider impacts before cutting aid


I AM not an advocate of international aid to poor countries.
I understand that international aid may encourage dependency.
As the United Kingdom (UK) plans to slash foreign aid in order to adjust with Covid-19 impacts, it should give enough notice and reasonable transition period to countries that depend on its aid so that they can come up with strategies and adjust effectively to the new reality.
The aid should not be cut immediately as it may cause havoc to the recipient countries.
Cutting aid without proper notice and time for preparation sounds harsh and inhumane which will make the UK look cruel when in fact, these recipients have been helped by the UK for so long.
Even though there are some theories that argue that international aid encourages dependency, there are genuine countries that make effective use of aid.
It is fair to say that foreign aid strengthens global peace, security and governance.
It builds greater stability and more effective and accountable governance by addressing the underlying causes of conflict and insecurity.
It helps maintain a sharp focus on tackling crime and corruption, enhancing transparency, capability and trust in institutions.
It also promotes global prosperity, tackle extreme poverty, help the world’s most vulnerable, and supports a strong and resilient international system.

Handsen Chikowore

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