Consider reducing personal income tax


THE proposal to the Government to consider reductions in personal income tax in the near future is what many Papua New Guineans desire.
If the Government reduces personal income tax, it will put more money into the pockets of the State and corporate sector employees lead to satisfactorily multi-player effect on household matters.
The salaries/wage earners have read and digested the information with high hope to see Prime Minister James Marape delivering this.
Marape should allow the reduction to take effect as soon as possible since the workers have been taxed everywhere.
Personal income tax is mandatory and there are no obstructions to the administration of that.
Workers are paying additional taxes; for instance the 10 per cent on value added tax and goods and services tax through purchases of goods and services.
If the Government takes on board what has been proposed, it will definitely lift the moral and motivate the workforce to perform better than before.
Tax, in reality, has consumed a lot of money and belittled people’s purchase power.
Apart from the personal income tax, there are other benefits of employees that are taxed such as annual leave entitlements and pensions.
Regardless of the increased payment of taxes, Papua New Guinean workers are committed and are faithfully paying taxes.
They understand that the tax they pay is keeping the country afloat.
It is time the Government gets creative and reward its taxpayers by reducing personal income tax.

Jack Anis Kukiwa