Consider relocating Jiwaka headquarters


CONGRATULATIONS to Prime Minister James Marape on a remarkable and memorial visit to the people of Jiwaka last week.
The commitment of K200 million for constructing the provincial headquarters and other commitments on infrastructural development in the new province is commendable and bonus for the people.
However, the Governor Dr William Tongamp and leaders of the province in their wisdom, have selected Kurumul for provincial headquarters.
This is not a collective and informed decision and it is branded of bias, greed and an act of serving personal interests.
Any government is for the people and the people choose the government.
Thus, Banz or Kudjip should be selected, which are more ideal locations and the economic hub of the province.
As a man from the province, I am concerned about that.
Can Marape review the decision to relocate the provincial headquarters and allow consultations to be conducted for the public in Jiwaka to decide on their preferred location?
Kurumul is not a suitable location and most people in Jiwaka can agree on that.
Critical thinking, analysis and proper planning is needed for the better development and existence of the province.
The so-called leaders should refrain from compromising with other politicians and companies for crabs in return.
What you decide now will determine where Jiwaka will be tomorrow.

Mal Dam,
9-Mile Turf Club,