Constant parliament adjournment ridiculous

Letters, Normal

The National, Thursday, May 26th 2011

Parliament is fast be­coming a private office for some of our politicians.
Is it OK for the majority of Papua New Guineans to sit there without saying a word?
The people of PNG have given this bunch of clowns their mandate in the last general election
and this is what we are getting now – a joke.
This is the first time parliament has been in session and already the MPs are not there to debate on issues affecting the ordinary citizens.
This country is in a mess and, if the politicians are not interested to their job, PNG may find itself becoming another Libya or Egypt.
This is what is happening in Libya and parts of North Africa and Middle East.
God has blessed PNG with more than we need and yet we are still poor.
Do we need bloodshed before we change our attitude?

Yongos Makan Nem
Port Moresby