Constant rains cause havoc

National, Normal

The National, Tuesday 09th April, 2013


CONTINUOUS rain caused rivers to burst their banks in Northern affecting families there, says provincial disaster coordinator Albert Bogembo.

He said in a statement the flood had destroyed food gardens and homes.

“Most people are in need of food because their gardens have been covered in water for almost three weeks,” Bogembo said.

He said villagers risked diving into the muddy water to harvest food from their submerged 


He said the Girua bridge crossing was also destroyed by floods.

“Girua bridge is one of the bridges that provide a life line for people to access services in Northern,” Bogembo said.

He said the bridge had provided a link for many business activities in the province.

“Often business firms lose millions of kina when the river floods,” Bogembo said.

He said half of the Girua bridge was destroyed during Cyclone Guba in 2007. 

“During the rainy season, the wet crossing temporarily built near the bridge to provide access for vehicles and people often becomes dangerous for users,” Bogembo said.

Northern police commander Victor Isouve confirmed that it was very dangerous for vehicles and people to cross the wet crossing.

“The wet crossing is flooded and it cuts off people from the Afore and Oro Bay to travel to Popondetta town,” Isouve said.

He said locals were charging K2 to escort people across the flooded river.

Bogembo added that the national government had funded K1 million for relief support for the Ijivitari electorate.

He said food had been distributed to the people in Safia, Kewansasap, Magure, Uiaku, Ganjiga, Tomari, Tufi, Oro Bay, Emo, Ambasi, Bakubari, Killerton, Pupuda, Gira, Mamba, Kurereda, Magure, Gona, Basabuga and Ioma.

“We may miss some villages or people but we need their cooperation and understanding,” he said.

Bogembo thanked Ijivitari MP David Arore for giving K250,000 to supply food to the affected