Constitution allows for referendum


THE PNG Constitution allows for referendum.
Likewise it allows for Bougainville’s referendum to determine its political future.
While, this right is agreed to be used on a time and date for Bougainville, we on the mainland PNG deserve the same to ask about our political future too.
Why not – basing on a range of developmental paradoxes we experienced over 43 years.
Foremost: why so rich yet so poor? Foreign direct investment (FDI) versus health of country socially, environmentally, economically, Christian but highly corrupted nation, educated but lack innovation, and the list goes on and on.
My honest view is that the structure, the house is not the correct one for a black-a-moor Melanesian country like PNG.
Liberal democracy model that is riding on capitalist’s trait is unsuitable and inapplicable on a heterogeneous society like PNG but is working in countries like UK, Australia or US.
At Independence, this model of the house was already designed and imposed on us as “the way” to prosperity.
Promises by President Harry Truman in the ‘age of development’ proclaimed in January, 1949 was only a lip service and a lie….developing nations of the world could not reach the light house despite every efforts because the light house keeps receding far and far away from reach.
New advice, reforms and laws were made with renewed aspirations each time we failed an attempt.
Stunning results, in 40 years we were passed by some 70 countries on UN’s development index:

  • 1975 PNG ranked 77th;
  • 2004 PNG dropped to 139th place;
  • 2008 PNG plummeted to 149th placing
  • 2012 PNG further plummeted to 156th placing; and,
  • 2018 PNG shrinking further to 178th placing.

There is more I wish to say but couldn’t possibly can in this space.
Let me pen off by saying: Take back PNG isn’t wishful thinking but must start correctly if it is to work in the long term.
Changing the political model and government operating system in PNG is the prerequisite – Referendum 2022.

Cyril Gare, Via email

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