Constitution queried over release of Yali

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FAMILY and Sexual Violence Action Committee national coordinator Ume Wainetti says there seems to be two sets of laws – one for the “big man” and the other for the ordinary citizen – in PNG.
Referring to the release of former Rai Coast MP and Madang governor James Yali on Monday, who was jailed for 12 years for rape, Mrs Wainetti questioned the difference between Mr Yali’s case and others who were also behind bars for the same offence.
“Family and Sexual Violence Action Committee and partners are looking at and discussing issues related to violence, and such moves defeat all efforts to address violence.
“If media reports are correct and Mr Yali’s release had to do with him contesting for the Rai Coast seat, this is very unfair,” she said.
She called on the National Parole Board, who allegedly met on Feb 9 and granted Yali’s parole, to explain the nature of his release and the kind of review conditions that qualified him for that release.
“There are many questions that we like answered, including how sick he was to warrant his release. Some of us are not clear about the laws and such laws are defeating the whole purpose, which is disappointing,” she said.
In another media report on the widespread of violence against schoolgirls in East New Britain province, Mrs Wainetti said: “Such violence is an issue faced in many communities but because of the good reporting system in East New Britain province, these cases are exposed.
“In cases when the offenders are teachers, this could not be easily resolved by just moving them out.
“Unless the teachers are dismissed, the issue will remain unsolved,” she added.