Construction work starts on K3mil bypass

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THE Works Department is providing K3 million for the new Kumalu bypass from Buang local level government (LLG) to link the existing road at the Baiyune and connect the main Bulolo highway.
Construction work is being done by Conerstone Civil Engineering and Building Construction (CCEBC) company.
Bulolo MP Sam Basil accompanied by chief executive Tae Gwambelek and district electoral coordinator Gunau Gwanen visited the roadworks over the Easter weekend.
Basil said the bypass started from Bayawaga in ward 20 of the Buang LLG. It will pass through mountains over to Jeri (ward 19), also in Buang, then link up with the existing road at Baiyune.
The initial road construction was unsuccessful and cost the government K14 million.
The first attempt of the bypass was constructed near Pamalambus village to Mumeng Primary School, up to Kumalu 1 with anticipation to cross over to Kumalu 2, down to Mumengtain then Gamox and linking the main Bulolo highway.
However, local land issues coupled with complications provided by the Kumalu River, prevented further construction of roads and bridges across Kumalu 1 and 2 villages to Mumengtain.
Negotiation is in progress with the Patep-Munanu landowners to allow the construction of a short bypass from Pamalambus to Patep-Munanu to avoid continuous flooding caused by sediment build-up from the Kumalu River affecting Snake River and two other creeks running down from Zenag.
Basil said the Buang Bridge would be built to allow traffic flow through Patep-Munanu.

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