Consultation underway for an effective telecommunication services in villages

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CONSULTATION is underway for an effective telecommunication services that can be understood and easily applied in traditional Papua New Guinean village when natural disasters strike.
The National Disaster Centre (NDC) had engaged Telikom PNG,  technical agencies and key partners involved in disaster and risk management to set up communication systems in the country that could be used by locals to disseminate information on disasters quickly and effectively.
“We have not yet decided on the type of communication medium to be used, but NDC had met with a group from Telikom and technical agencies to conduct a baseline study which will then be submitted to the Geophysics Observation in Hawaii,” NDC director Martin Mose said.
He added that findings from the study would be used to select the most suitable communication form that is both user-friendly and sustainable.
He said discussions had already started in progressing the plan forward.
“Setting up the communication system may take about some months since this is going to be a costly exercise for PNG,” Mr Mose said.