Consumers who connect water illegally to be fined K10,000


WATER PNG Limited is warning consumers that they can be fined up to K10,000 for illegal tempering of water pipes.
It said in a media statement that it was now enforcing Section 35 of the National Water Supply and Sanitation Act 2016 over illegal usage of water.
“We are enforcing the act because the drastic growth of illegal water usage is affecting our ability to continue providing quality water and safe sanitation services,” it said. The act that a person who interferes with the pipes and apparatus or make any alterations to any water mains or sewer mains belonging to Water PNG Ltd without authorisation can be fine not exceeding K10,000.
“Consumers must refrain from connecting illegal water supply, interfering with water and sewer pipes without consent,” the water supplier said.
In the meantime, Port Moresby residents are advised that a three-month rehabilitation work would be carried out at the Mt. Eriama Water Treatment Plant from May 16.
During this period, Water PNG will ensure there is enough water supply for consumption.

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