‘Continue crackdown on illegal businesses’


IMMIGRATION and Border Security Minister Petrus Thomas wants the government team conducting operations to crack down on illegal foreign-owned businesses to continue throughout the country.
“If the team can uncover 168 foreign-owned businesshouses conducting illegal activities in Port Moresby alone, imagine what is going on in the other provinces,” he said.
“We started off this operation on a high note and we should not slow down. We have to maintain the momentum. We have to continue and conclude the process.”
But Thomas said funding was needed.
“Two weeks of operation in Port Moresby alone was expensive. The economic climate now is a bit hard to accommodate this operation. All the agencies involved have shared expenses. So it will really be a funding concern to continue nationwide”.
Meanwhile, acting Chief Migration officer Solomon Kantha said the two weeks of operation in Port Moresby had prepared them for the next phase throughout the country.

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