Continuous power outage frustrating


AGAIN, last Wednesday night at 11pm, boom, the power went out.
This has been going on since the previous Thursday (May 14).
Konedobu 5 and Konedobu 2. Why is it reoccurring? Are the repairs like a band aid effect?
The Covid-19 operation needs power, yet these so called experts continue to defy all and sundry with their blackouts.
It’s hot enough through the day and night.
With 45 years and so many prime ministers we cannot put our foot down and say enough is enough.
It will be a very interesting next election.
If people stand firmly on what their local MP has done we should see a 60 per cent plus turnaround with new faces.
Stand up for your rights and get leaders to do something than letting them enjoy the big man syndrome.

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  • And that’s why Peter O’Neill got hauled in, arrested and charged for the generators he purportedly influenced NEC and used his position when he was the then PM to purchase and service POM and Lae with the never ending PNG power black outs in those two major cities. Now we ask – where is the one designated for POM, has it arrived in PNG, is it working, is it sold?? If it was still there in POM and working to serve the intended purpose then POM wouldn’t be continuing have these frequent frustrating black out..

    Its high time he got his day in court then you POM folks can also be at ease knowing why that generator cant help with the png power blackouts. The rest of PNG wait with you to know what became of these generators.

  • PNG Power is a MONOPOLY. It should be very profitable and even the government can depend on its revenue, why it is not making enough money to sustain power hiccups, and yet calling for grant. Privatize it and we can depend on tax alone.

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