Continuous rains in Port Moresby halts Village Cricket


A TWO-DAY Under-19 Women’s Village Cricket World Cup was called off due to wet weather at Amini Park in Port Moresby yesterday.
The tournament started on Monday with 12 teams from Central and the National Capital District taking part.
“We have six girls and boys teams each from local associations,” Cricket Papua New Guinea domestic manager Lakani Oala told The National yesterday.
“We had four teams vying for a spot to play in the (men’s and women’s) finals, but because of the wet weather, we couldn’t continue.
“The two visiting teams (boys and girls) from the Hood Lagoon area are standing by for the finals.
“The other four teams were playing in the qualifiers when the rain interrupted.
“It’s a big win for the Hood Lagoon teams in their maiden participation in a tournament like this.
“For them to be playing in the finals is a very big achievement.”
The two boys teams vying for the other spot in the final are the West Indies (Hanuabada) and Zimbabwe (Pari). “For the girls, we have the Netherlands (Gabi) and Australia (Hula) trying to earn a spot to play Hood Lagoon in the final,” Oala said.
“It’s a very good opportunity for the future of cricket in their area.
“It has been a very good two-day competition where a lot of new talents have been identified as the next lot of elite U19 players.
“Some of the girls and boys are as young as 15, so it is great for junior development.
“From the nation’s capital, we had teams from Hanuabada and Pari. The others were from Hood Lagoon, Hood Point, Keapara and Porebada.
“The level of competition has been good.
“we have identified some girls and boys for the next stage of development.”
“The level of talent we have seen here is great for the programmes we have for upcoming players.”