Contract awarded, work not seen


I RECENTLY stumbled across a document revealing a contract agreement to construct a community health worker’s house at Guam in the Almami hinterland in Bogia.
The contract was awarded to a businessman in Madang by the former member for Bogia.
The project amount is K207,893.40 and the project reference number is GCHW1.
The project was not carried out and perhaps there was a breach of agreement since the document was signed therefore committing the money.
Neither party complained as to who was at fault why the project was not completed.
The contractor should have complained if he was not paid.
If the Bogia District Development Authority had paid the contractor and he did not deliver, they should have laid formal complaints to concerned authorities.
The current Bogia MP should explain this matter through the media.
Clear doubts in the peoples’ minds as many do not know the procedure involved in awarding and terminating contracts.
You were the electoral officer of the former member at that time.
I believe some of your current District Development Authority (DDA) committees were with the former member and can assist you to explain this. I am not accusing the Bogia MP and his DDA of alleged theft but I want them to clear doubts regarding the project in his electorate.
I also have not seen the General Condition of Contract to argue as I may be wrong here.

Digov Nada
Bogia District, Madang