Contractor’s capability questioned

Letters, Normal

I REFER to your Lae news report “K16 million for schools in Huon” (Dec 2).
Whilst the news is a welcome for the people of Huon district, I am a bit concerned about the contractor the district education coordinator may engage.
Can the officer tell the people of Huon electorate what criteria are being applied to select that company?
We have never heard of that company in Morobe province and that has led to many of us smelling something fishy.
How long has this company been in existence and what are the projects the company has been involved in?
We need reputable companies with a good track performance and record, and good project management credentials to deliver a project costing K16 million, not K16.
Can the Education Department provide us with evidence that the company is qualified and has the reputation to complete this project within a set time frame without bursting the budget and provide a high quality work?
It is about time the people of Morobe get quality services.
Otherwise, we will continue to see incomplete buildings, which are common in most schools in the province.-Franco Wawen Via email