Contractors still waiting for payment

National, Normal

The National, Friday November 1st, 2013

 AGGRIEVED contractors of the National Capital District (NCD) who missed out on the K10,177,262.24 partial payments are urging the Education Department to respond to their grievances. 

This came after the NCD Education Department published the list of contractors who will be getting their payments from the K10 million. 

The contractors include those for maintenance, stationery and white goods.

NCD contractors’ committee Secretary Jeremiah Ninkama said the list of contractors published in The National on Oct 29 was the list of the Education Department and not the approved list from the division.

“We feel that we will be missing out from the payout so that has prompted us to respond immediately with our submissions,”he said.

“The National Education Secretary should have consulted the NCD Education Division for the approved list.”

He said the submission was to cover contractors who had missed out from the last payment made on Dec 31, 2012. 

Ninkama said of the 113 contractors, 77 had been left out of the initial payment.

NCD contractors chairman and former Kiriwina Goodenough MP William Ebenosi said they were genuine contractors and the NCD Education Department should go through proper protocols in paying them off.