Contractors with incomplete work to be prosecuted

National, Normal

The National, Tuesday, May 17, 2011

LOCAL contractors that fail to complete district services improvement projects (DSIP) in Karimui-Nomane district, Chimbu, will be arrested, Karimui-Nomane district administrator Joe Nopro says.
Nopro and local MP Posi Menai paid K1 million to contractors in agricultural projects for Salt, Nomane and Karimui LLG areas at Kundiawa last week.
Nopro warned those who received money for contract jobs but failed to complete the projects would be prosecuted.
He said groups that received funding under agriculture projects must use the money for its intended purpose.
Nopro denied allegations that money for the district were used in Kundiawa.
“You must produce credible evidence before making malicious statements and allegations, otherwise you will be sued for defamation,” Nopro said.
He referred to a number of protests and allegations against the Karimui-Nomane district administration over misappropriation.
Nopro urged those  making the allegations to get their facts right.
Menai called on the people of his district not to play politics, saying he had almost a year left to continue delivering services to the people.
“Time to play politics is next year when the writs are issued by the governor-general and not earlier than that, it will disturb the flow of services to the people,” Menai said.
He said there could be schools and health facilities but if the people had no food and financial security the services would be of no use to them.
“I am prioritising to empower the people in my district to get involved in agriculture activities so they can have money in their pockets,” Menai said.
The agriculture grant is a new initiative for the district to enable people to start agricultural activities.
Registered groups that applied for funding support received cheques while those who failed to meet the requirements of the grant received material supplies.