Contribute positively


EVERYONE in Papua New Guinea have what it takes to contribute positively to this country.
So many times young people without jobs or even a good educational background feel down on themselves.
However, this is not supposed to be the case.
Each and every one of us have tremendous potential.
And what is potential?
Potential is what you can do, but have not yet done. Potential is what you can be, but have not yet become.
Our Creator created each and every one of us with unique gifts and talents.
And for those young people who are not in school, never forget that not all dreams soar in the classrooms.
If you have passion for sports, follow your heart.
If you love music, follow your heart.
If you love to paint, don’t let anyone stop you, go after what you love.
Some of our young people are even good with gardening, you can make business out of that.
Many young people the moment they don’t pass their examinations thinks it is the end of the world.
But is it?
No it is not.
As long as you are breathing, you can contribute positively to our country.
For our students in schools, take your studies seriously.
Know that you are privilege to be in an institution but you will never be there all your life.
If you are someone who is not taking your studies seriously, you will regret it later in life.
Never forget.
The pain of discipline is less than the pain of regret.
All in all, if we all follow our hearts and do what we are passionate about, our country can soar high to great heights.

Glen Burua

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