Contribute to community’s development, youths told

Youth & Careers

A youth in Vanimo, West Sepik, is urging young people to make good use of their lives by contributing to their communities and the country’s development.
Martha Jeheida, from Neyaukono village in Vanimo, has challenged young people to respect their lives and make good use of it.
Jeheida was the first woman from her village to attend Stang Lutheran Girls training school in Markham, Morobe.
Her village lies near the PNG-Indonesian border.
She is back in her village, after completing training, raising awareness on positive lifestyle, with God’s word.
Jeheida recently attended a Bible study under the theme of ‘What is Life?’ at St Jahya Lutheran congregation in Vanimo.
“Use your life and careers well. It is a blessing from God. Don’t stress out or concentrate so much on earthly things,” she said.
“Concentrating so much on physical things will take you away from God.
“Mobile phones and money are both good and bad. There’s a lot of problems facing the country, which are associated to phones and money.
“People are not using them for the right reasons and have caused a lot of problems in the society.”
Jeheida also said many children fell victim to broken marriages.
She said the human body was God’s temple and was spoiled by consuming alcohol and indulging in adulterous activities.
“Many people are blaming sorcery for so many deaths in the community,” she said.
“God had seen our body being intoxicated with a lot of bad things so he has to take back his spirit and let the body go back to earth.”
Jeheida called on her local community to repent from their bad ways and stop bad habits.