Control chaos at police barracks


GORDON Police barracks does not look and feel like a place of residence for the disciplined force and their families.
Perhaps because there are grown up children of police officers whose behaviours are comparable to what one would only label as a hooligan.
Some of them are unemployed but miraculously seem to have money to spend on alcohol and homebrews.
One can only guess where their finances are coming from to support their drinking craze most notably during government fortnight.
I know this because I have been observing them for quite some time now.
Usually they play music from their boom box to accompany their drinking, disturbing the peace of the barracks community.
They do not have respect as they would sit by the road, perhaps waiting to harass a passerby or two especially young females.
Often they hop from one house to another during their drinking sessions.
Clearly respecting another family’s residence and their privacy is not one of their strongest virtues as they play loud music and chatter away as in a tavern or club.
If you have guessed that all of them at some point of their lives have dropped out of school then you’re absolutely right.
I can only surmise that they drink to avoid facing the reality of their hard life that they face individually.
Because for most of them, they live with extended relatives in what is an overcrowded three bedroom housing unit, with only a few siblings or relatives working apart from their policeman fathers.
They seem to not have the littlest of interest to leave their pathetic aimless of a life for something that’s worth contributing to their families.
They are a magnet for problems and do not normally solve problems in a proper way but resort to violence.
I do not know if the word liability ever crossed their minds, it has been years now and they have not changed their ways.
Normally as people get older they become wise, but sadly it is quite the opposite with them.
When they are sober they are like dormant volcanoes, they are quiet just waiting to erupt again.
Personally I do not like it when they use profanities.
I do not know if their mothers have loved them enough or not but they have some of the most foul mouth you can imagine. This has to stop.
They must stop this toxic habit of drinking and face their realities as matured adults because they cannot run from it forever.
Also a word of caution to the public.
If you happen to come to Gordon, do not try to take the short cut from the bus seven stop area through the broken fence of the barracks because these hooligans are known to verbally harass commuters when they are drunk.
Also the broken fence on the other end of the barracks that commuters once used to exit through has been sealed off during the Covid-19 state of emergency.
I do not know if responsible authorities will respond to this or not, but I thought I would get the word out to expose the sickening things happening in a place of a disciplined force.



  • Thanks these problems we see today are not problems of these youths, there is more to it than what we’re seeing,
    these are problems that the fathers have been planting a seed, when the harvest has come, we are harvesting what the mother/father planted over the years, if someone in the Church faithfully served the Lord from day one to this day you will also see a great difference .Its appointed time to seek the Lord & confess unto salvation for deliverance & healings in our families today….Nogat narapela rot long setretim. God bless us all.

    • People’s attitude portrays who is in control of our lives. It is either God or the Devil. There is nothing in between. Devil plays with our minds that is why God has chosen to live in our hearts. Therefore, just observe people’s attitude and you will know who is controlling and directing them.

  • More and more the Gordon’s Police Barracks looks like a settlement, a sore eye in the middle of the city.
    It’s dirty, unhygienically clean, and a potential breeding place for viruses to easily spread because of the close proximity of houses. On top of this, it is over populated.
    The government should look at relocating the barracks somewhere else and maybe utilized the area as per industrial business area.

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