Control noise at Taurama


TAURAMA Nambis or End of the World as it is commonly known, is easily the envy of most residential areas.
It is an residential area with infrastructures and facilities that are up to the standards of some suburbs in the National Capital District.
I applaud the landowners for their vision to allow people to build houses there.
Taurama has eye-catching buildings outside Port Moresby.
It has grown with the sealing of its road, installation of treated water supply and electricity.
However, looks can be deceiving.
Taurama is quickly starting to be ruled by socially-inconsiderate drunk, swearing thugs and noisy lunatics.
The continuous noise aided by vulgar language is getting out of control.
It is becoming unbearable.
These lunatics are very inconsiderate.
This happens almost every night.
It’s starting to drive other residents insane.
We don’t mind them having fun, but we’d appreciate it if they control their noise.
A common rendezvous point for these lunatics is a newly-built orange trade store.
The authorities and community leaders should do something about this.
Let’s help Taurama maintain its beauty.
Let it be a wonderful environment where considerate people live together in harmony.
Let’s teach our younger generation that such behaviour is unacceptable.
A society derives its reputation from how the people interact and behave towards each other.
Let Taurama adopt higher standards by doing what is right.
Let’s start by showing some respect.

Trupla P-Engee