Control rubbish in Kimbe


WHEN you go to West New Britain’s Kimbe town, what do you see? Rubbish. You will see less cleanliness and more littering. So I think the best way is for people to use the wires in their brains so they can stop littering.
How does littering affect you? If you think littering doesn’t affect people, think again, because research has found that 40 per cent of the world’s litter is burnt in the open air which releases toxic emissions. Littering affects everyone. Who knows? Maybe there’s some rubbish floating in your body right now or maybe germs are on your foot or maybe you stood on too much rubbish and you have the Covid-19. Where often do you see rubbish? In front of shops, in the market and in drains. Let’s just say rubbish is everywhere. How do you feel when you see rubbish? I feel like I can’t control myself and feel so disgusted looking at all that rubbish in town. I think most of you feel the same as me when you see the filthiness in town. What should we do to stop littering? I think the best way is to put a K1,000 fine signboard everywhere with rubbish bins and signboards saying “No littering” or “Noken tromoi pipia”.

Magdalene Koska (Grade 5),
Kimbe International Primary

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