Control settlements around Nadzab


THE ongoing sale of land and the way landowners are dealing with customary land around the Nadzab area in Morobe do not support our plans for the proposed satellite town.
The demand for land around the Nadzab area is very high.
Do Nadzab landowners and the town planning committee really understand each other with regard to land allocation and usage?
For the sake of the town to be established, such land sales and purchases need to be controlled as far as public and business safety is concerned.
The national and Morobe governments are sharing the same vision but why allow the creation of settlements near an area marked for a satellite town?
We have learned a lot from issues associated with settlements in Lae and Port Moresby.
Lae is surrounded by settlements and often times, these settlements are breeding grounds and safe havens for criminals.
Most criminals are raised up in settlements.
It is my challenge to the leaders of Morobe to stop allowing settlements near the planned Nadzab town.
I am not against people moving there, but I think it should be done the right way.
Authorities should be consulted first.
Settlements should be some kilometres away from the planned township.
As a Morobe leader, I am not happy with the current arrangements between landowners and settlers, which is why I am asking if proper processes are put in place for those who want to settle there.

Gisuwat Siniwin,
Boana, Nawaeb