Controversy in Goroka softball final

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The National, Monday, May 2, 2011

GOROKA’S softball grand finals on Saturday ended in controversy with Malangan’s men and women’s teams declared illegal by president John Supa.
Malangan women shocked favourites Laikos 9-7, while in the men’s final, they also crushed Brown Eagles10-6.
According to Supa, Malangan’s two teams knowingly cheated by fielding four Tabubil registered players.
The Tabubil registered players were the Seri family of pitcher Juliet and catcher Marie in the women’s team and pitcher Steven and right outfielder Allan in the men’s team.
The Seris transferred from Tabubil midway in the Goroka season but did not seek a release or clearance to play in the Goroka competition.
Instead they registered themselves and played in the competition earning selection in the Goroka teams that participated in the recent national softball championships.
However, the Seris opted to play for Tabubil during the championship automatically making them ineligible to play in the Goroka competition Supa said.
During the post grand final presentation, Supa said the Serishad set a precedent and had to respect other players and clubs participating in the competition.   
He claimed that Malangan had brought players into their team only for the outcome but not to contribute meaningfully to the competition which had been revived in Goroka after several years of inactivity.
Both Laikos and Brown Eagles clubs opted to accept their defeats rather than appealing.
Laikos’ Cathy Lai and Brown Eagles coach Sebby Womola separately expressed disappointment at the manner in which the Malangan club went ahead to use players who were deemed not part of Goroka softball, however, they explained that the competition was only revived last year and such appeals would not be in the best interests of the competition’s future.