Convicted rapist flees from cell

National, Normal

The National, Monday July 29th, 2013

 A MAN who was remanded in custody at the Maprik police cell in East Sepik awaiting sentencing for rape escaped last Wednesday.

Thomas Sas, 42, of Wingei village, in Yangoru-Saussia district, was found guilty last week by the National Court on three counts of rape. 

Acting Justice Iova Geita was told of the escape when he was due to hand down the sentence in the Wewak National Court last Thursday.

Geita directed the Correctional Services Boram jail commander and police to provide a full report explaining the escape from custody.

“You are commanded to convey the prisoner to Boram Correctional Service Institution and deliver him together with the warrant to the officer in charge,” he said.

“I am giving you one week from this date (July 25) to next Thursday,” Geita told CS and police officers who were in court.

He handed down his decision that Sas would serve 14 years imprisonment with hard labour.