Conxions partners with Canadian IT

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NATIONALLY-owned communications company Conxions Ltd announced its alliance with a leading global communication company Aastra Telecom Inc in Port Moresby last week.
Members of media, potential prospects and customers joined the management and staff to launch the joint venture.
Conxions general manager Nick Daroa and executive chairman Greg Berry were thrilled by the show of confidence by Canada-based Aastra.
“This is another pillar of support and confidence to Conxions with our partners Aastra by providing communications solutions to PNG’s growing clients,” Mr Daroa said.
Conxions provides communications solutions to all clients nationwide and this partnership would boost the capacity to provide these solutions.
“We are privileged to be Aastra’s exclusive dealer here in Papua New Guinea, thus showcasing the new telephone systems with handsets and features tailored to meet the clients’ requirements,” he said.
“We are your PNG-wide support having come a long way since the early cross bar switching days.
 “With the converged technologies taking centre stage, we have moved on with change and time and with the backing of Aastra, we look forward to meeting our customers’ demands,” Mr Daroa said.
Aastra’s dedication to enterprise communications, offers one of the most complete portfolios of unified communications solutions individually tailored to satisfy its customers’ requirements.
Aastra channel manager for Far North Queensland and PNG Jason Finlayson said: “We want to help PNG and the communities and as an organisation don’t want to see foreigners selling our products in PNG.
“PNG is an important market and we want to work with Conxions to see that our products are a solution to the clients and are sold by PNG company,” he said.
Accompanying Mr Finlayson was Aastra’s solution specialist Craig Smales, who gave an outline of the products and services they have and how businesses in PNG could benefit from their service.
With a strong focus on open standards, Aastra aims to consolidate information to enable enterprises to communicate and collaborate more efficiently.