Cooking activity part of farewell for students, teacher says


GRADE eight students at St Mary’s Primary School in Lae were farewelled with a luncheon that also doubled as an assessment for them on Friday.
Acting deputy head teacher Tessie Woni said the luncheon was in two parts – the first to give the students their academic marks and secondly to farewell them.
She said one of the topics in the units in basic technology was to cook for a special occasion and she integrated cooking for a special occasion with a farewell luncheon.
The students are going to be sitting for their exams this week.
And we don’t have any time to sit with them and give them encouragements so this is the opportunity,” she said.
Woni said the students had their dedication service on Thursday and the luncheon was a good end to the week before they sat their final examinations.
Woni said she was pleased with the students’ efforts and had two assessors come in to mark them on the food they cooked and their presentation.
The two assessors were former ward councillor Carol Yawing and Ludwina Philemon.
She said the three classes of grade eights were attired in different colours (8A-purple, 8B-green and 8C-blue).
Woni said the grade eight exams would be sat by 140 students from the school.
She said the school was using seven classrooms with 20 in each following Coronavirus (Covid-19) measures such as social distancing and sanitising and mask wearing.
Woni said she was confident her students would do well as they had done so throughout the year.