Cop, 4 killed in Enga

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A POLICE constable was shot dead yesterday while four men were killed, women and children wounded on Thursday in an outbreak of violence in Enga.
Police Constable (PC) Timot Kavanamur was clearing illegal miners in Porgera when he was shot dead in the morning.
On Thursday afternoon, a tribal fight between Pepet and Waiban clans just 15km outside Wabag town resulted in four deaths and nine women and children slashed with bush knives.


Police Comm David Manning says the death penalty must be imposed on cop killers and that “fire will have to be fought with fire”.
“I have said it before and I will say it again.
“We cannot have policemen attacked and killed by criminals in our society.
“Legislators need to amend or enact appropriate laws to serve as a deterrent on such murderers,” he added.
Comm Manning said this in a statement yesterday following the killing of a PC Kavanamur by illegal gold miners in Enga’s Porgera.
He added that he had also briefed Prime Minister James Marape on what has happened and suggested that a State of Emergency (SoE) be declared in Porgera.
Comm Manning said a massive combined police and PNG Defence Force operation was currently being carried out in Porgera and neighbouring areas to flush out the criminals responsible for the shooting of the constable.
“The suspect who killed the policeman is known.
“We know who he is and we know his associates, we will find them.
“Tomorrow (today), a special charter will fly Acting Deputy Comm (Operations) Donald Yamasombi, Asst Comm (Operations) Samson Kua and Special Services Division Director Supt Julius Tasion to Porgera to assess the situation.
“They will recommend the next course of action to take,” he said.
Comm Manning said an internal security force comprising police and sister disciplined forces to combat sporadic tribal fights within the highlands of PNG and the emergence of violent gangs nationwide, such as the Tommy Baker Gang, would be set up in the medium to long-term to tackle such violence and killings.
“A major component of this will be intelligence-driven, so our intelligence community will be part of this force.
Defence and the Correctional Services will be required to come on board.
“We will of course have to look at enabling legislations and appropriate funding to make this a force to be reckoned with.
“We cannot be complacent and sit back any more. Fire will have to be fought with fire,” he added.
In the meantime, Comm Manning said he would be requesting the Government, through Police Minister Bryan Kramer, for proper safety equipment such as bullet proof vests, helmets and shields for police personnel.
“PNG is becoming a very dangerous country for policemen to work and their safety and protection are very critical to ensuring that they can go out and continue to protect and serve the eight million Papua New Guineans.
“I will be meeting the police minister tomorrow to submit recommendations for him to take up with the Prime Minister and the Cabinet. It is now time for some tough decisions to be made. Enough is enough,” he stressed.
“I also wish to send my sincerest condolences to the immediate family and colleagues of PC Kavanamur.
“It is unfortunate that the life of such a fine young man who had more to offer this country has been cut short. May God comfort us all in this tragic hour,” he added.
ACP Yamasombi said PC Kavanamur, who was attached to the Air Tactical Unit, was shot dead while trying to remove illegal miners at the Porgera mine.
He said he had yet to receive a brief from his men on the ground to release further details on the slaying.
Sources told The National that police and soldiers were on duty trying to stop the illegal miners when PC Kavanamur was shot on the neck.
Suyan is now under a massive raid by military and police Special Services Division hunting for locals working in collaboration with Hela’s deadliest war lord known as Miape.


  • Sorry tru. May he rest in eternal peace. Condolences to the immediate family. Let those responsible pay for the consequences.

  • What is the Facebook minister doing with all this killings. There is killing every way for this few months. Police should come up with strategies, new method of curbing crimes and deal with this animals. Every leaders in target provinces must involved because they involved in bring guns to their area for election and other purposes.

  • The life has lost already and police commissioner taking about bullet proof vests and helmets is too late. These equipment is a must that every security personel should have when passing out from colledge joining the force. Its a requirement that every security personel must have these vital personel protective equipment. Commissioner Manning and Police minister have to step up and do all their best for the policeman and women. Stop relaxing at Waigani on that comfortable chair and assuming that every thing is okay while poor police man and women lost their lives in line of the duty. Provide necessary equipment and they can perform their task.

  • Death penalty must be implemented for Killing of a Police Officer. We need tougher laws in this land for where people are as hard in the head as the stones they walk on.

  • This unnecessary loss of life can be avoided if a certain group of people in this country are able to become more civilized and intelligent. These perpetrators of murders and other violent crimes are of stone-age mentality, uncivilized and backward thinking. Why is it always this certain group of people always taking the country back to the stone age? Maybe it would be better for the other regions to form a separate country so that we can alienate these monsters so they will not give us a bad name and image. We are just fed up and tired of these uncultured people dragging us back.

  • Enough is enough this is the right time now for “Death Penalty” to be imposed.
    And every provinces to have vagrancy act to house indigenous people from migrating.

  • Dead penalty should be imposed on Cop killers.
    Government not to send our good policemen and women to stop tribal fights and save lives of stone-ages.
    If they don’t respect police, let the kill each other.
    Government must send Police personal only to save lives of people who have ears and only to protect government properties.

  • I agree with commissioner’s dead penalty but it’s not fair to only cop killers but to all the human life that someone else is taking it away.
    All life belongs to the creater so who took that life must be given dead penalty.
    The Government must impose dead penalty immediately and let those killer’s face it.

  • Death penalty must be imposed for murderer’s and not life year. Eye for an eye is a better way…

  • When no serious action is taken that means Law and Order is weak in the country and the criminals know that. Its like sports, where you know your opponents weakness and you attack in the different offensive

  • Gun control is an urgent issue and must be addressed promptly. Too many illegal guns, these must be removed from the criminals.

    Sadly these guns are used by MPs to win elections. 2022 elections are just round the corner, so which highlands MP is going to remove guns.


  • Engans are inhumans. They are not true people with good mind. Most of them are trouble makers and they are the ones who break laws. How can citizens fight with the government???
    If government owns the country, is it hard to remove Enga out of PNG map??

  • The Government must initiate new law for those who murder to go through persecution which comes under 4 condition which is 1.electrify. 2.drown underwater 3.head chop 4.crusify therefore they’ll learn the lesson from those who die from these condition!!

  • Very Sorry my Fellow Country Man, May you Rest In Peace. Justice will prevail.
    Things are getting out of hand, Wake up PNG Government. Just impose death penalty for Cop killers and let those Numb skulls pay the price.

  • Death penalty must be imposed on cop killers & Cops that killed innocent people as well in PNG. Not just one sided death penalty. It is not fair.

  • I’m Truly Sorry my Fellow Country Man. May you Rest in Peace. Justice will prevail and those Numb Skulls involved will pay the price. Its time our Government should wake up, Things are getting out of hand here. Why not Just impose Death Penalty for Cop Killers.

  • #2020 is the year !!! Impose dead penalty to all Extreme Murderers and Rapist PERIOD.
    MPJM the ball is in your court.

    My heartfelt condolence to late PC Kavanamur’s Family.
    May his soul rest is eternal peace YOU ARE A HERO PNG SALUTE YOU.

  • Death penalty must be introduced now to deter such hooligans from shooting police and taking innocent lives. PMJM must make this decision to stop all the killings that is currently going on in the Highlands provinces. Compensation and surrendering to police will not solve this chronic problem. A tough decision such as death penalty must be effected now so that at least we see some normalcy prevalence in the society. This i reckon would not be against our christian beliefs because no one has the right to take someone lives but only God does. i would support this death penalty if it introduced for the good of our country.

  • declare martial law and let the army move in and deal with it. too many innocent lives lost already.

  • Enga people are not all bad,why are we pin pointing Engans while you forget about the Taris, Sepiks and others.
    We just have to find a way to eliminate those boogie man..Like the Police commissioner have said ,Fire for Fire and that will teach those people what law is.Teach this wild west cowboys what civilization is..Every one is flesh and blood they are instilling fear into innocent men,women and children as a weapon to control them, just counter attached and see how long this criminal element will last …..go police commissioner make that decision and send in the troops, lets see who will last..

  • PNG is on the verge of collapse..Law & Order is NOT just there. its happening every where around the country.

    Impose & declare martial law. In house security is not guaranteed right now.

  • These bunch of hooligans and cavemen from 2 specific highlands provinces are murderers and cop killers. They totally have no respect for the rule of law and the government. Nothing can change the way they think and they think like they control everything by doing what they want. These killers should severely be punished so they can learn a good lesson. Why would they be still alive when a good and hardworking young police officer is killed. I think our country’s law is so weak that killers such as this always escape harsh punishment. For such people, maybe a death sentence through public execution would be much better. The country cannot always get a bad name because of the actions of some uncivilized neanderthals. I wish the Tari’s and the Enga’s did not live among the civilized people of PNG. They should have lived on their own!

  • Gun violence is on the rise. Just where and how are all these weapons abd artillery coming from? Tougher measures need to be taken to control monitor and legislate weapons in png. Enact law for Brutal killers to be tortured.

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