Cop denies stopping newspapers


WEST Sepik police commander Chief Insp Moses Ibsagi has denied stopping the selling of newspapers in Vanimo to prevent the Covid-19 spreading.
“We are only stopping them from selling newspapers in front of the shops because it is crowded,” he said.
“They can sell newspapers elsewhere.
“Right now, they are selling newspapers in front of the shop and attracting crowds and there is no social distancing.”
Sellers claimed that police had stopped them from selling newspapers in Vanimo town.
“We are only enforcing the new normal order to stop crowding in public places,” Chief Insp Ibsagi said.
Newspaper seller Joes Gamba claimed that police told them not to sell newspapers in Vanimo town.
“If they don’t want us to sell newspapers, then they should allocate a place for us to sell,” he said.
“Newspapers (The National and Post Courier) are important because people have to know about the Covid-19. And we also have to earn a living.”