Cop furious over re-arrest of man

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A TOP police officer in Port Moresby is furious over the re-arrest of a man after he had clearly instructed that he and his family be left alone as there were already criminal charges against two of its members.
National Capital District Met Supt Perou N’Dranou reprimanded the two officers from the Hohola police station for arresting Adam Chin Cheah, 18, and charging him with a cybercrime offence which has not been clarified.
He said it was an example of abuse and victimisation by police officers, done behind his back.
Cheah is already facing a charge of sexual penetration of a girl in a hotel in Port Moresby on June 22 last year.
He is on a K1,000 bail.
His mother is charged with acting illegally to have him released from custody and is also on a K1,000 bail.
Both mother and son will appear in court on July 6.
“I am not happy because as the Met Supt, I made a decision not (to) deal with this family (again) as we already have a case under investigation,” Met Supt N’dranou said.
“Asst Comm of Police, Crimes, Hodges Ette told me about the case and I said let’s not victimise the same family.
“I call this abuse, but because my policemen went around my back and got information from somebody (and) did the arrest.”
He said officers Desmond Kami and Roman Anton “continue to defy instructions. When will it stop?”
Met Supt N’dranou also alleged that there could be a link between Adam’s family’s case in Papua New Guinea to a case in Australia involving Jeffery Kennedy of the Kennedy Estate.
He said the Adam Chin Cheah family were witnesses to that case.


  • Get those two idiots who maybe under bribe suspended pending further investigation and if necessary charge them administratively and if a law was broken then, lock them up! Laws are for everybody to follow and disciplined forces need to follow command and control

  • Met Supt N’dranou
    What is you stand now in respect to these two officers and do not follow Command & Control.Is this a sign of break down in the Police Harachy.You follow Commissioner’s directive and they follow your directive.We want this issue to get to the bottom of it now.

  • Met Sup…you are in authority and can instruct disciplinary actions. Your boss must sense this and speak out or call for order…now, whether with you or not, to restore order.

  • Clearly they have been paid by someone to do that second arrest. Suspend them and investigate them as well… Smells like they are corrupt officers….

  • By the nature of your outburst, it is evident there is break down of command. It is insubordination and apparently your ventilated your aghast, however, what do you anticipate from the public? Just to be informed of what you are doing? This is pathetic Sir. You haven’t stated what disciplinary action you have instituted against the rebel officers who stepped out of linein duty.

    Don’t understand and can’t work it out the rationality of the publicity.

  • Hahaha! Perou N’dranou!!! You are a Joke!!! You clearly lack command and control!!! What do you do to insubordinate officers???? You come out to the media and expose them??? Hahaha!!! It just shows your incapacity as a commander! On a serious note, you may be wearing a shoe bigger than you!!!

    • I believe they promoted you on merit. However, actions tells another story. You lack so many traits. Simply put, you are way off the mark, and not a fit and proper person for the job.

  • Why is he criticising two efficient policemen for doing their duty in arresting a person who breaks the law?
    Why should he try and protect someone from the law being enforced against them for offences?
    When you have arrested someone it is your duty to see if they have committed other crimes. These can be admitted by the criminal to the judge before his sentencing so as to avoid there being the need for time and money wasting rearrest later after release from jail or having paid fines.
    It also avoids clever legal shenanigans seeing the initial charge dropped or a not-guilty verdict if you have other charges on the books for the culprits.
    2019 May 27 Report in National: ‘15 complaints of crime committed on social media have been reported but the police investigation unit has no office, experts or logistics to process them, Criminal Investigation Division director Mark Yangen says.’
    Now that should be of concern to all top cops and their Minister. Not hounding police personnel doing their duty

  • Why can’t N’Darounou find out what the case is all about? What if the two policemen are up to something new that needs investigation? Is he going to push the new case under the carpet just because he already decided not to “haunt” the family again? Come on police boss, seems like you don’t know your job!

  • Its simple,stand them down for duty, carry out investigation and terminate them,this is what they deserve.

  • Its simple, suspend them from duty and investigate them and if guilty terminate them.Enough of these type of corrupt officers.

  • One family of crooks fighting another family of crooks and two sets of crooked cops taking bribes from both sides, what a mess.

  • When the general is weak and without authority; when his orders are not clear and distinct; when there are no fixes duties assigned to officers and men, and the ranks are formed in a slovenly haphazard manner, the result is utter disorganization.

    Sun Tzu

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