Cops’ failure resulted in death, injuries

Letters, Normal

THE four police officers know very well that when they apprehend a very dangerous and wanted criminal, they have to carry out their job not only safely but also thoroughly.
All trained police officers know what the arrest protocols are and they should have done it properly, giving safety for themselves and that of the public the highest priority.
 If the police officers involved in the arrest of a wanted criminal in Mt Hagen had known what his background was like, why didn’t they conduct a thorough body search?
As a dangerous criminal, he was more likely than not to be armed with hand guns or other weapons.
After ordering the criminal off the PMV, the police should have carried out a thorough body search for guns or other weapons after handcuffing him.
I see no reason why they did not carry out the procedures unless they treated him like just another drunk roaming the streets of Mt Hagen.
Our police officers have failed to do their job properly and it turned out to be a costly and tragic incident for a policewoman and her mates.

Charles Ifu
Yamox Hauslain, EHP