Cops blamed for burning houses

National, Normal

The National, Tuesday 13th December 2011

LAE resident and businessman Mathew Minape has condemned the action of police officers who burnt down four houses used by his employees on his property.
Minape said the policemen arrived in 10 cars and burnt down his property at 1pm on Sunday in Lae, Morobe.
He denied that the property burnt down, as reported in the media, was Minape settlement.
He said the land classified as section 2 lot 86, which contained an area of 1.803ha, was awarded to his company, Awaincorp Ltd, on July 20, 2009.
It has a 99-year commercial lease.
He said his title was not a fake one as some of the policemen claimed when it was produced to them by his employees.
Minape said it was a commercial land lease in the urban area of Lae city – not a settlement.
He said there was a K30 million development undertaken by his company adjacent to the land. Some of his employees were accommodated in four houses there.
However, he said the policemen went and set fire to the property.
Minape said he lost more than K400,000 worth of machinery, building materials, personal belongings and four houses.
“This is a personal attack on me and I have suffered losses to my company because it was not a settlement.
“I call for an investigation into the policemen involved in burning down my property.”
He said he had reported the matter to the public complaints unit in Port Moresby to have it investigated.
He said he was expecting justice from the courts.