Cops launch operation into troubled area in Yangoru

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POLICE in East Sepik province have launched a special operation into the Kumun Koboibus census division of Yangoru to clamp down on sorcery and criminal activities that had caused unwanted deaths of more than 10 people in the past two years.
The recent one was the murder of West Yangoru local level government president Joseph Morris at Bonohitom village late last month.
Yangoru-Saussia MP and Governor Peter Wararu described the killing of the president as the “first political assassination in East Sepik” and has made available K100,000 to police for a special operation which is aimed at weeding out sorcerers, home-made gun manufacturers, persons wanted by police and dangerous drugs like marijuana.
Mr Wararu told a small crowd that gathered for a gun surrender ceremony at Belegel village last Friday that there is a criminal gang that is operating along side with sorcerers to kill people.
He said the criminals and sorcerers must be exposed so that unnecessary killings in the area could be minimised.
Acting provincial police commander Insp Charlse Parinjo warned people of tough police actions if they do not co-operate with them in surrendering guns, drugs and wanted criminals and sorcerers.
The ceremony last Friday saw the surrender of five guns, three of which were home-made, a shot gun and a gas gun which police believed was brought in from Indonesia in exchange for drugs.
Insp Parinjo expressed dissatisfaction with the number of guns surrendered at the ceremony and encouraged those with the remaining 50 guns to surrender within one week or face the full force of the law.