Cops, let’s remove tints

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The National, Tuesday July 16th, 2013

 IN the parliament session on June 9, the prime minister ordered that all government vehicles remove tints and bear Z plates. 

This is not new for the police as it has been passed down to the management a long time ago, but was not taken on-board. 

You cannot blame those on the ground because what management does, the rest follow.

Superiors cannot tell others to do what they themselves do not. 

That is the problem with the force today. 

As a concerned policeman, I wonder how we are going to effectively carry out this instruction when no one is setting an example. 

Please let us adhere to the order from the prime minister and start doing the right thing. 

If a team is set up to remove tints from police vehicles, I am willing to be part of that team. 


Cops Pabeke Via email