Cops looking for suspects


POLICE are continuing with its manhunt for suspects wanted in the murder of three men in a tribal fight in North Fly’s Tabubil in Western on Saturday and Sunday.
North Fly commander Chief Insp Silva Sika said so far “we have in custody a suspect who was handed over to us by the community”.
He said a policeman has also been ordered to go on annual leave pending investigations into his involvement in the murder of one of the two men that sparked the
“The fight is between settlers. I want to make it clear that settlers living in Tabubil have now caused fear among the locals and workers of the mining township,” Chief Insp Sika said.
“The settlers are here in the mining town doing their own business. The fight has disrupted the way of life for the locals and has angered many.
“We do not need these type of people in our district. They have set up their homes and are doing illegal mining and their own marketing in Tabubil, and the local government needs to look into this issue.
“The more we allow settlers to settle in the province, the more socio-economic problems will crop up.
“The locals will become minorities in their own land.
“I want the district administration to look into the issue of illegal settlers, those who are doing nothing should leave the district.”

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